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Wasting no time, AKBAYAN’s second representative, U.P. Professor Walden Bello, endorsed the impeachment complaint against Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez immediately after his oath-taking. He likewise challenged the newly sworn in party-list representatives to prove that they are for the marginalized by taking a stance against the GMA administration.

Endorsing the complaint a day before the Justice Committee begins its hearing on the case, the neophyte solon said that the impeachment of Merciditas Gutierrez is a prerequisite to stem corruption in the country. “We cannot have a mediocre and patently biased Ombudsman to head an institution that is mandated to check and correct the abuses committed by the government,” Rep. Bello said.

He challenged other newly proclaimed party-list representatives to endorse and support the impeachment
complaint. “We have to restore the integrity of an institution that is designed to bridge the gap between the people and the government by correcting the anti-people policies and practices of the government. As party-list representatives, we have to ensure that the Office of the Ombudsman is truly for the people,” Rep. Bello added.

He also urged the other PL representatives to take a strong stance against the current administration.

“They should go opposition. Nobody can claim to represent the marginalized and yet support an administration that has consistently alienated the people. GMA is marginalizing the Filipino people,” Rep. Bello said. “This administration represent the reason why more and more Filipinos are being left out and why the elite continue to dominate our politics and economy.”

However, Rep. Bello said that the only person that should be barred from joining the opposition is former Gen. Jovito Palparan.

“He should not be allowed to join the opposition because of the human rights abuses that he committed. In fact, the administration should not accept him because he would only taint an already tainted and discredited administration,” Rep. Bello said.

“He should neither be in opposition nor administration. He doesn’t deserve to be here at all,” Rep. Bello said.

Meanwhile, AKBAYAN Rep. Risa Hontiveros scored the Arroyos for making Congress their family business. “Aside from presidential pork, each Arroyo representative will receive at least P90 million in pork. That’s equivalent to P360 million a year, or P1 billion in one term.” Kung may konting hiya pa sa sarili si Ms. Arroyo ng Ang Kasangga, di nya dapat tanggapin ang nomination,” Rep Hontiveros said.

Baka naman sa 2010 elections, lahat na ng pamangkin, kamag-anak, pinsan, inaanak ni GMA at ni FG Mike Arroyo ay gumawa ng kanya-kanyang party-list para makapasok sa Kongreso,” Rep. Hontiveros warned.