Online Photo Exhibition

Solidarity with those Who Feed the World

Marking the 2019 International Day of Peasant Struggles by co-celebrating small-scale food providers’ perspectives on food sovereignty and their practices on food production, agroecology, and environmental protection.

Online Photo Exhibition

The Hands That Feed Us

An online exhibit to commemorate women’s role in food provision on the International Day of Women and in observance of Women’s Month.


A campaign website for the safe return of Lao NGO development worker Sombath Somphone, who disappeared in Vientiane on 15 December 2012.

Online Photo Exhibition

Food Systems in Asia

An online photo exhibition showing the importance of nature as a source of food and life, local food cultures and traditions, and peoples’ struggles to protect and promote sustainable and traditional food systems

Newsletter Microsite

The Asian Development Bank at 50

On the occasion of the 50th Annual Governors’ Meeting of the ADB which is happening in Yokohama, Japan from May 4-7, 2017, Focus on the Global South is releasing this special newsletter highlighting the Asian people’s resistance against the Bank.

Conference Webpage

What is Happening to our Forests?

A conference of peoples, communities and NGOS involved in struggles to defend the territories, forests and livelihoods of forest-dependent communities.

Anniversary Conference Microsite

20 Years of Focus on the Global South (2015)

Aconference marking our 20th anniversary, which was an opportunity to reflect on the two-decade long history of Focus, to share stories of battles lost and won, and discuss ideas and pathways towards a better world.


Microsite (inactive)

Understanding China’s Energy Landscape

The site contains English-language information and analysis about coal, oil, hydro-power, nuclear, renewable energy (especially wind and solar energy), and energy intensive industries and energy efficiency, as well as about the power sector more generally

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Focus on Poverty

This website provides alternative information, analysis and policy prescriptions regarding poverty and marginalization in the Philippines.

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The EDSA Stories

The EDSA Stories website showcases interview videos of persons who have played a role in all or either of each historic EDSA moments that has influenced the Philippines’ political evolution.