Protecting workers’ rights in garment global supply chains as an important strategy for economic development in the global South
[Analysis] Deconstructing a dismaying outcome
The Situation of Cambodian Working-Class Women and Their Struggle in the Face of the Covid-19 Pandemic
Precarious Road Ahead: The Continuing Struggle of Workers against Contractualization in the Philippines
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2022 May 14 By Galileo de Guzman Castillo[i]     Shall this be the terminus or high time...



Indian Farmers Inspire Fight Against Neoliberalism

Samyukta Kisan Morcha (United Farmers Front) celebrating the first anniversary of the historic farmers protests at Singhu border, New Delhi. 26 November, 2021.

Indian Farmers Inspire Fight Against Neoliberalism

The year long Indian farmers protest has inspired people all across the world. The grit,...




 Focus on the Global South is an activist think tank in Asia
providing analysis and building alternatives for just social, economic and political change.
We work on the following thematic areas:
Political Economy of Development

Unpacking the dominant model in order to raise critical understanding among broad constituencies, and to support frontline communities challenging the negative impacts of development

Power and Democracy

Expanding critical analysis to link economic and development policies with political trends, human rights abuses and violent conflict in order to empower local communities to fight challenges and claim their rights and spaces

Peoples' Alternatives

Drawing attention to social and political resistance and change to put forth people's own visions and practice for a better world that can form elements of the deglobalisation paradigm