In the context of deepening economic, political, social and environmental crises in Asia, grassroots communities and peoples’ movements are at the centre of the fight for development that respects their rights, lives, livelihoods and nature.

In their own capacities, these local actors are creating social and political change, and are putting forth their own visions for a better world. The Peoples’ Alternatives thematic area seeks to document and promote community resistances and alternatives that can form elements of the deglobalisation paradigm.


The Commons:  Contemporary research and practice, show the immense potential of the commons to resist global capitalism, and co-create just, equitable, sustainable post-extractivist social and economic systems. The commons offer a framework for creating, sharing, nurturing and governing wealth and capacities that resist capitalism as well as reclaim the essential conditions for life and its reproduction.  Focus will document and publicise selected examples of commons systems that integrate nature, society economy and politics.

Food Sovereignty and agroecology: The framework of Food Sovereignty and practice of agroecology present an opportunity for food producers and Asian societies to challenge the corporate capture of food and agriculture, bring autonomy and dignity back to small-scale sustainable food producers, and build food systems that are responsive to climate change. Through this project, Focus aims to promote Food Sovereignty through popular education about the paradigm and components of food sovereignty, policy proposals, and actions to realise food sovereignty.

Systemic Alternatives: Systemic Alternatives is an initiative started in 2014 and coordinated by Focus, Attac-France and Fundación Solón-Bolivia. It seeks to be creative in the development of new strategies and construction of alternatives during these turbulent times. It aims to develop concrete processes, practices and experiences at local, national and international levels to further enhance systemic alternatives such as buen vivir, degrowth, Rights of Mother Earth, the commons, ecofeminism and deglobalisation.