November 17-18, 2004 at Felis Resort, Davao City

The results of the most recent survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) pointed out a most glaring paradox—hunger in Mindanao, the foodbasket of the Philippines.  Hunger incidence in the region was estimated at a national high of 23 % of the population. Why does hunger persist in a resource-rich region like Mindanao and how should this problem be resolved? These are the questions that policy makers, the private sector, NGOs and social movements alike must urgently and seriously confront.

Focus o­n the Global South in close coordination with PRRM-Mindanao and  AFRIM will be holding a two-day roundtable discussion and consultation o­n agricultural, food and trade policies in Mindanao from November 17-18, 2004 at Felis Resort in Davao City.  The roundtable and consultation aims to bring together the different organizations, movements and advocates based in Mindanao into a discussion o­n the critical issues related to food, agriculture and trade policies and their impact o­n food security and development in the region.

The first part of the two day process will be a roundtable dicussion entitled Hunger in the Foodbasket. The roundtable discussion will feature short presentations from lead discussants coming from small food producers, food processors and manufacturers, the commercial farm and agribusiness sector, and consumer groups. The interaction among these groups is aimed at surfacing the  critical  yet often ignored cross-sectoral issues associated with food and agricultural  policies. It is hoped that at the end of the discussion, more comprehensive policy proposals o­n addressing the issue of food security would oome out. The second part of the dicussions o­n the first day will be a consultation o­n a much more comprehensive process called the development roundtable series (DRTS). The  DRTS will be a venue to resolve policy issues, and to see how various competing interests can fit in common policy platforms. It will identify issues and actions, discuss pitfalls and dilemmas of competing interests, and work out policy alternatives (and possibly campaigns) in a broad range of development concerns.

The second day will be a forum o­n international trade and the trade campaign. It will feature updates o­n multilateral (WTO), bilateral and regional trade negotiations and a discussion o­n possible areas of campaign and advocacy.

We hope to see you actively participate in these series of discussions and consultations. For questions o­n the forum and or to confirm your participation please feel free to contact us in Manila at 02-4331676 and 433-0899 or get in touch with PRRM-Mindanao at (064) 288-1652, and AFRIM at (082) 2264592.


Jenina Joy Chavez-Malaluan


Focus o­n the Global South –Philippine Program