Highlight the corporations lobbying to undermine effective action to tackle climate change at the UN Climate Talks in Copenhagen this year.

Corporate Europe Observatory, Focus on the Global South, Friends of the Earth Europe and Spinwatch are organising a high profile awards poll to highlight the corporate climate lobbyists who have done the most damage to the climate process.
Nominees could be a major polluter that has lobbied at the national, regional or international level to avoid taking action, or an opportunist corporation which is lobbying to promote false solutions such as carbon trading or agrofuels, 'solutions' that will in fact aggravate the problem – but which represent a business opportunity for that company.

Or nominees could come be for an industry coalition, a lobby consultancy firm or other lobby players pushing an irresponsible corporate agenda at the expense of climate stability and justice.

Cases must be well-documented and recent (ie with lobbying activity in the last 12 months). 

To make a nomination, please send details of the company/coalition, as much information as you know about their lobbying activities (with sources where possible) and a brief summary (max 100 words) explaining why they deserve to be nominated for the award.

All nominations must be submitted by Friday 11th September 2009. The best nominations for an award will then be put forward for a public vote.

The winner of the Worst Climate Lobby Awards will be announced during the UN climate negotiations in Copenhagen in December this year to highlight how corporate lobbying is undermining this process and delaying effective action to tackle climate change.

Please send your nominees to [email protected] by Friday 11th September
Get involved and help expose the corporate lobbying which is undermining effective action to tackle climate change!

Organised by Corporate Europe Observatory, Focus on the Global South, Friends of the Earth Europe and Spinwatch

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