The European Commission proposal for a multilateral mechanism to settle investor-state disputes (ISDS) – publicly branded as a Multilateral Investment Court – would take us down that second path. It threatens to forever lock-in the highly controversial ISDS system that only benefits corporations.

This proposal is part of the negotiations that the EU is holding with Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar. Furthermore, the EU has presented it to as many as 40 non-EU governments during the World Economic Forum at Davos and also in a meeting last December in Geneva.

This webinar will introduce the current European Commission proposal as well as several critical perspectives on the issue.


  • Overview: What’s in the Commission’s proposal?
  • Presentation of the critique based on S2B’s position paper
  • Presentation of views from Asia
  • Discussion


S2B Network, EU-ASEAN FTA Network, Trade Justice Pilipinas, Indonesia for Climate Justice, Focus on the Global South, Transnational Institute (TNI), PowerShift, 11.11.11 and Friends of the Earth International.