The debate sponsored by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) takes place 2-415 pm, Monday, June 13 at the World Economic Forum (WEF) being held at the Shangri-la Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia.  The event is a special edition of the BBC’s World Debate Program.  It will be broadcast at the following dates and times: 

Programme      Date (GMT)  Time(GMT) Date(PH T)  Time (PH T)
BBC World News TV 18-Jun-11 9:10 18-Jun-11 5:10 PM
BBC World News TV 18-Jun-11 21:10 19-Jun-11 5:10 AM
BBC World News TV 19-Jun-11 2:10 19-Jun-11 10:10 AM
BBC World News TV 19-Jun-11 15:10 19-Jun-11 11:10 PM
BBC World Service Radioio 18-Jun-11 18:00 19-Jun-11 2:00 AM
BBC World Service Radioio 19-Jun-11 13:00 19-Jun-11 9:00 PM

Other members of the debating panel are Indonesian Trade Minister Mari Pangestu and Prushant Ruia, CEO of the Indian conglomerate Essar Group.

In a statement made prior to the debate, Rep. Bello said:  “Global capitalism is a fickle lover.  Its current crush is Indonesia.  Before this it was China, and before China, Thailand, and before Thailand, Korea.  Could this be the proverbial deadly embrace?”