Walden Bello says he is honored to be the far right’s “target of the month,” referring to Bureaucrash  ( www.Bureaucrash.com )attacking him as an “enemy of free speech” .
“This band of right-wing brats disrupted our panel o­n why corporate patents are causing the deaths of so many people afflicted with HIV-AIDs,” he explained, referring to an incident during the XV International Aids Conference o­n July 14, 2004.  “I would not be surprised if they were funded by Pfizer and the other big drug corporations in order to draw attention away from their unconscionable practice of putting patents and profits over lives.” (See B
ig Pharma: part of the problem or part of the solution? ).
“People have the right to hold a civilized dialogue and not be disrupted by young white American fanatics who think they can do as they please wherever they please–who feel that Bangkok is another Baghdad.  Against such budding fascists, it is both an honor and a pleasure to defend the freedom of speech.”
-Anoop Sukurmaran, Focus o­n the Global South