Dear Friends,

 We, in the Viet Nam Foundation for Peace and Development, are extremely shocked at the recent attacks by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) o­n Walden Bello, Executive Director of Focus o­n the Global South.

We believe that this unfounded threat to Walden's life and to other Filipino activists named as “counter- revolutionaries” in the CPP diagram of December 7, 2004 cannot be ignored by the global civil organizations.

Walden is an outstanding activist and writer and is internationally acknowledged for his contribution to the struggle against neo-liberal globalisation and imperialist war and to building equitable, democratic and sustainable alternatives. His speech during the People ASEM 5 organised in Ha Noi o­n September 2004 left a very good impression among participants.    We energetically condemn the policy using war, terror and assassination as a way of resolving differences, and appeal to the CPP to desist from its attacks o­n Walden Bello and other Filipino activists and refrain from this destructive course of action that benefits o­nly the imperialits. It is time to unite and not to divide our force.

Nguyen Van Thanh  Vice President of VPDF