Dear Colleagues in Focus, 

We are all shocked at the veiled death threat issued to Walden Bello, Lidy  Nacpil and others by the Communist Party of Phillipines (CPP). CPP has  become increasingly intolerant of criticism and its branding of all those  who do not agree with it as “counter-revolutionary” or agent of imperialism  is particualrly reprehensible. For CPP leaders to claim that the list is  o­nly o­ne of those they consider agents of imperialsim and not a hit list  sound specious when at least three people in this list have already been  killed.

As we know to our cost, sectarianism, taken to its logical  conclusion, can lead to a policy of individual annihilation. This has  nothing in common with Marxism-Leninism, which CPP claims to espouse and  o­nly sullies its o­nce proud reputaion as a fighter against US imperialism.  Walden, Lidy and others are well known to the international community,  particuarly amongst activists in the global struggle against imperialist  globalisation.

We are aware that CPP views all these movements and platforms  as diversionary, even though the anti war and anti WTO campaigns have made  significant contributions. Surely, the people will decide who the true  opponents of imperialism are and not a small group issuing either  certificates or death “fatwas”?

 My colleagues in Delhi Scince Forum and myself would like to exprss our  solidarity with Walden and the Focus staff and hope that CPP will heed the  voice of the activists in the global struggle against imperialism. I am sure  our other colleagues and organisations in the WSF India collective also feel  similarly and will add their voice to yours and others around the globe who  have already condemned the CPP hit list. 

In soliadrity,  Prabir Purkayastha