“WTO out of agriculture and fisheries”, “Down WTO”, “End WTO” have been the rallying cries of peasant farmers, indigenous peoples, rural women and artisanal fishers across the globe in campaigns against the World Trade Organization and the broader agenda of corporate globalization. Throughout the years, the campaign has been shaped and defined as much by mobilizations against the WTO and the free trade agenda as by the determined push by grassroots movements for peoples’ alternatives and concrete and working solutions to the multiple crises of capitalism.

Together with La Via Campesina, on 29 November 2021, Focus on the Global South co-organized an online rally with our allies from grassroots organizations in our struggles against the WTO and to highlight our systemic alternatives: Food Sovereignty. In collaboration with Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung South Asia, we compiled three videos from this webinar.

The first video, “Setting the Context”, is a compilation from the first part of the online rally, where our moderator, Joseph Purugganan from Focus on the Global South, started the session, addressing the postponed MC12 and how it affords us more time to discuss and consolidate our struggles against WTO. This video also features Kim Jeongyeol from Korean Women Peasants’ Association and Henry Saragih from Serikat Petani Indonesia setting the context for the struggles against the WTO. This video features opening mistica from La Via Campesina and also an excerpt from a short film “Globalize Hope” about the resistance against the WTO.

The second video, “WTO and Agriculture, Fisheries: Concerns for the Global South”, is a compilation of the second part of the discussion, featuring Ranja Sengupta from Third World Network and Jones Spartegus from World Forum of Fisher Peoples, and also the open discussion session with participants. This video also features a music video, Pa Taste by Pedicab, which is part of the Rock against the Round album in the Philippines and the video features the mobilizations against the WTO in Hong Kong in 2005.

The third video, “Solidarity Messages in the Fight against WTO”, is a compilation of the third part of the discussion featuring solidarity messages from Tatcee Macabuag from Migrant Forum in Asia, Claude Girod from Confederation Paysanne, and David “Cidi” Otieno from Kenya Peasants League. This video is concluded with a synthesis and call to action from Kannaiyan Subramaniam from La Via Campesina – South Asia. This video also features the music video of the song Counterattack by Korean Media Culture Action, with footage from WTO mobilizations over the years.