Launch of Focus on the Global South-Philippines’ Policy Review issue on CARPER

35 or 3; 1.5; 1.1; 24; 54.2, 51.2 and 47.0; 4; 9.3

Why do these numbers and more related statistics matter? Why should government keep in mind these numbers? Why do farmers look at these numbers and see a future or the lack of it?

Here’s why:

  • 35 is the number of months left to the government to accomplish the land acquisition and distribution component of CARPER
  • 3 is the equivalent number in years
  • 1.5 million hectares is the amount of lands that still need to be redistributed
  • 1.1    million Filipinos are the target beneficiaries and will be helped out of their poverty situation
  • if CARPER accomplishes its targets
  • 24 hectares (belonging to the category of large landholdings) and above is the size of most of the lands that are now up for distribution
  • 54. 2 percent is the poverty incidence in Masbate in 2009, 51.2 in Northern Samar and 47.0 percent in Camarines Sur—all three provinces are consistently in the list of provinces with highest land redistribution backlog
  • Php4 billion was cut from the budget of DAR in the current (2011) budget while 9.3 percent was the ratio of lands distributed in 2009 vs. overall target

Poverty incidences and backlog in land reform; lowered budget vs. crunch time for implementation; where the backlog is and who the owners are of the large landholdings: the numbers speak strongly about the state of agrarian reform in the country. The numbers should move government and civil society actors toward making a commitment to fulfil the provisions of CARPER.

To strengthen the case for the completion of agrarian reform, Focus on the Global South and the Development Roundtable Series project launches the latest issue of its Policy Review through a roundtable discussion aiming to evoke response from CARPER’s key implementing agencies through the presentation of its recent study.


9:00- 9:30 AM     Registration

9:30- 10:00     Preliminaries
Opening Remarks and Introduction of Participants

10:00- 10:15     Main Presentation: Policy Review on CARPER—
Why land to the tiller, why now
Mary Ann Manahan and Carmina Flores-Obanil

10:15-11:30     Quick Responses

Government Panel (invited)
Sec. Virgilio delos Reyes, Department of Agrarian Reform
Sec. Ramon Paje, Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Sec. Joel Rocamora, National Anti-Poverty Commission
Rep. Pryde Henry Teves, HOR Committee on Agrarian Reform/COCAR Chair
Rep. Kaka Bag-ao, Akbayan Citizen’s Action Party
Sen. Gregorio Honasan, Senate Committee on Agrarian Reform

Civil Society Actors
Bishop Broderick Pabillo, CBCP-NASSA/Sulong CARPER (invited)
Ka Trinidad Domingo, Pambansang Koalisyon ng mga Kababaihan sa Kanayunan (invited)

11:30-12:30     Open Forum

12:30 PM     Closing and Lunch

Facilitation: Joseph Purugganan, Focus on the Global South