Registration for the centralized edition of the 2011 World Social Forum is now open! The Forum is going to be held in Dakar, capital of Senegal on February 06-11 2011. The general guidelines from the WSF Organization is that organizations should read the 12 thematic axes prior to their registration, in order to chose the ones that are more appropriate to their activities. There are two modes of registration: individual and of organizations. This last one allows the registration of other types of participation like Assemblies of Convergence, Expanded Activities, stalls later one. Just like it was with other centralized editions, only organizations can register activities. In case you only want to attend as participant, please register as an individual.

If you have Internet access difficulties, or if you know an organization that need to register but don’t have Internet Access, please, we recommend to contact the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee in Dakar:

+221 33 825 13 81
+221 77 436 88 01
+221 76 281 26 21

More information on registration, please write to: [email protected]

To register

There are two modes of registration: individual and of organizations. Organizations can send up to 5 delegates and register 3 activities, which will be confirmed after the payment of registration fees is made. Deadline for registering is on December 15th, and deadline for payment is on December 25th. For fees click here. After the 15th it won't be possible to register self-organized activities any longer, but it will be possible to make changes in the content of the data (organization, activity, participants info). The deadline for this will be on December 25th too. Payment will be available soon.

Click here to access the registration area. 

Step by step
In case you have any difficulty in filling in the forms or to learn more on the registration process, please click here and go the Step by Step page.

If you are having doubt on which axis is more suitable for your activity, click here to read them again.

Organizations can request for interpretation for their activities on the Registration of Activities form. Please mind the aditional fees, see them here.

Organizations can request for exhibition stalls. To do so click the Stalls tab on the menu bar during the Registration process and request your stall. Please, mind the fees, see them here.

Assemblies of Convergence and Dakar expanded
Guidelines for registering Assemblies of Convergence and Dakar Expand activities will be soon available.

Registration of Communicators
A special form for registration of communicators will be online soon.

For more information on registration, please contact the registration team: [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]

For other information, please access the 2011 WSF official website:

Spread the news! Send the information on the WSF registration to your lists, publish it on your organization and social networks' websites.



Event: V Pan-Amazon Social Forum
Location: Santarém, Brazil
Date: November 25th-29th
Contact: [email protected]

Event: Zambia National Social Forum
Local: Beit-Bridge School, at Old Chawama Community, Kafue road
Date: November 26th
Contact: + 211 236219 / [email protected] /

Event: African Forum on Cultural Rights
Location: Fabrique Culturelle des Abattoirs, in Casablanca (Morroco)
Date: November 28th
Contact: [email protected]

Event: Thematic World Education Forum on Education, Research and Culture of Peace
Location: Santiago de Compostela (Galicia)
Date: December 10th-13th
Contact: T: 981 554 053 / 981 561 956 / [email protected]

Event: Forum on Immigration in Brussels
Date: December 17-19
Contacts: Kamal Lahbib – [email protected] / Hamouda Soubhi – [email protected] / Mohamed Ghatas – [email protected]


Event: 2011 World Social Forum
Location: Dakar (Senegal)
Date: February 06-11
Contact: Secretariat of African Social Forum Council – [email protected] / National Secretariat of the Organizing Committee – [email protected]

Event: São Paulo Social Forum
Location: São Paulo (Brazil)
Date: May
Contact: [email protected]

 WSF Online
a) International Ciranda of Independent Information

Ciranda is an initiative taken by participants of the WSF that work together in order to organize shared coverage of events from the standpoint, work and solidarity and collective actions of alternative media. Currently, articles on the coup d'Etat in Honduras are featured on the website. Read more

b) Radio Social Forum

Learn more on the Radio Social Forum, a space shared by the radio broadcasters participating in the World Social Forum process, which produces free information on radio broadcast format. Read more

c) Open FSM

Get to know the social network that gathers activists and militants of all around the world identified with the WSF Charter of Principles. This open virtual space allows the exchange of information and the realization of debates between the participants of the Forum process and those who are interested. Read more


The website WSF TV keeps on exhibiting audiovisual productions related to themes of the World Social Forum. This internet portal can be used to host videos recorded by any person or organization identified with the WSF Charter of Principles.Read more

e) Virtual Media Center

A Virtual Press Room created to contribute to the 2010 World Social Forum Process as one of the references for journalists / means of communication to follow the events happening towards the 2011 WSF in Dakar. In it you will find press kits, news, releases in several languages, clipping, and also material as symbols and other high-resolution images. Read more