“Globalization and Social Transformation”

November 3 – 21
Chulalongkorn University
Bangkok, Thailand
Application Deadline: Sept. 15, 2008

Course Description
This course examines globalization and its socio-economic consequences. It offers an analytical interpretation of the ongoing debates concerning the dynamics, institutional structures, and central processes of globalization and the organized resistances of civil society groups and networks worldwide. Inherent in this examination is a critical understanding of the role and nature of hegemony in the relations between countries in the institutions of global governance.

The course will look at the political, social and cultural aspects of
social movement building and other forms of counter-hegemonic
activities. Case studies presenting the political, social and cultural
aspects of social movement building as well as campaign initiatives for
social justice, sustainability and human rights will be discussed by
practitioners and activist researchers. 
The course will bring together practitioners (staff and members of
social movements/civil society organizations and networks, including
the media) from within and beyond the Asian region. Through this
course, Focus and Chulalongkorn University wish to contribute to the
development and strengthening of links between organizations and
networks as well as provide a space for deepening understanding about
global issues and the role of civil society organizations in social

Course Design
The course will comprise a combination of inputs from an international
pool of lecturers, public seminars, small group workshops, debates and
mutual teaching and learning among participants. The participants will
also be encouraged to prepare presentations and share their experiences
of campaigning, public education and mobilization. The topics for
presentations will be agreed between the lecturers and the
participants. Some sessions will also be allocated for campaign and/or
mobilization strategy sharing and other practical exercises.
The course will run for 15 days (Monday to Friday, with 3-hour morning
and afternoon sessions) at the Chulalongkorn University campus in
Bangkok, Thailand from November  3 – 21, 2008

The course organizers will ensure a well balanced participation in
terms of gender, sector, and level of engagement (local, regional,
global). The course is designed for those who have at least 2 years of
involvement in any social movement and volunteer work or work
experience in NGOs.
Participants will be charged a US$ 1,000 course fee, which will also
cover in-campus accommodations, reading materials and short field trips
in Bangkok. Participants are expected to shoulder their own travel
expenses to Thailand.
There will be 20 full scholarship placements for travel and course
attendance (competitive) for participants that are coming from the
social movements and strategic advocacy organizations from the South.

Due to cost considerations, all lectures and public events will be
presented in English. It is expected that participants have a good
command of the language. For successful applicants from China, the
language requirement could be waived and simultaneous translation will
be available during lectures and public events.

As a component of Focus on the Global South's China Project, course
participants from China will be offered a 10-day field exposure or
Study Tour to the rural areas in Thailand by the Focus Thailand Country
Please send applications to: [email protected]