By Jakarta consensus

We endorse the call from the Hemispheric and Global Assembly Against the FTAA and the WTO for a week of action against the WTO during its ministerial meeting in Cancun, Mexico. In particular, we urge peace and people’s organisations to mobilise on September 9 against the WTO and on September 13 against globalisation and war. We endorse the call from the recent Chiapas conference for a “targeted boycott” of Coke, McDonalds, Texaco, CNN, and Fox during this week of protest.

We condemn the growing McCarthyite atmosphere being fostered in the US by the Bush government. We call for a “World Says No to Bush” campaign to culminate during the Republican convention in New York in September 2004. This campaign would aim to mobilise millions worldwide in a global referendum designed to undermine the legitimacy of “Emperor” Bush.

We call for a strategic focus on the proliferation of US military bases around the world. We commit ourselves to working for a global day of action against such bases in the first half of 2004 to be coordinated by the Asian Peace Alliance.

Noting the worldwide escalation in military spending, we call for a global campaign for general disarmament. We extend an invitation to peace and disarmament groups not represented at the Jakarta conference to contact our network to facilitate coordinated initiatives which could include a global day of action.

We endorse a day of action against corporate looters, particularly Halliburton and Bechtel as well as their subsidiaries. This action will be coordinated through a working group of this conference.

Jakarta, 21 May 2003

For more information contact Herbert Docena, [email protected]