On June 2, around 70 members of the Stop the War Coalition Philippines massed up in front of the Israeli embassy in Makati City to convey their indignation against the attack made by Israeli commando forces on the aid-carrying Freedom Flotilla, May 31.The incident resulted in the deaths of more than 10 activists while dozens more were injured; the ships were dragged to the port of Ashdod and hundreds of peace activists were detained in Israel. Thomas Sommer, a staff member of Focus on Global South who joined the Greek ship, was one of those detained.

In a statement read during the rally, the Coalition condemned the military action and the continued blockade of Gaza. It also demanded for justice for the victims of the Israeli military action, and for 1.5 million Palestinians who have been deprived of basic necessities and social services since the Israeli government imposed the embargo on Gaza Strip in 2008.  The rallyists, who came from various sectors including labor, women, youth, professionals as well as from Bangsa-Moro, church-based and non-government organizations, carried paper boats that represented the Freedom Flotilla; several of the protesters posted the statement on the glass entrance door of the embassy building when no staff member or official came out to receive it.