Forty-seven days since October 7, the brutal assault and siege on Gaza by Israel rages on today, as the wait for the implementation of the agreed four-day pause in the fighting continues. Focus on the Global South joins the international community in calling for an immediate, unconditional, and permanent ceasefire, alongside urgent medical aid and humanitarian assistance for all in need.

In this video contribution for the Global Day of Action in Solidarity with the People of Palestine, we highlight key issues on the ongoing genocidal war and occupation by Israel, as well as the broader and historical issues at play.

We stand in solidarity with millions of peoples and movements across the world fighting against systems of injustice and collectively struggling for climate, racial, economic, gender, and political justice — for a world where everyone has the right to live with dignity and free from oppression.

This we do as we continually demand for #CeasefireNow; #EndTheOccupation; #FreePalestine

Statements and Demands:
(-) FOCUS Dispatch:

(-) Visualizing Palestine:
(-) Definition of Genocide: UN Genocide Convention
(-) UNSG and UNOCHA Statements: “Crisis of Humanity” / “Global Crisis”
(-) Israeli Settlement Policy and Violence: B’tselem Report / UNSR Report
– Israeli Occupation and Annexation: Journal of Palestine Studies / B’tselem Report
(-) Accounts of the Nakba: Jewish Voice for Peace Nakba Fact Sheet / BDS Movement
(-) Orders by Israeli Officials: “Complete Siege on Gaza” / “Emphasis is on Damage, not Accuracy”

Responses in the Global North and South:
(-) US State Department Staff
(-) EU Staffers
(-) France
(-) Ireland
(-) New York
(-) Chicago
(-) Jewish Writers
(-) Bolivia
(-) Colombia
(-) South Africa
(-) UN Independent Experts
(-) UNGA
(-) IASC