In this comprehensive analysis, we unpack the concept of food sovereignty, a paradigm developed by peasants and rural communities in opposition to the prevalent industrial food and agriculture system. As the global community faces climate change-induced threats to food security, it becomes imperative to re-evaluate our systems. We are joined by esteemed experts:

  • Shalmali Guttal & Benny Kuruvilla from Focus on the Global South
  • Zainal Arifin Fuad of the International Coordinating Committee of La Via Campesina
  • Dr. Peter Rosset, an expert in agroecology
  • Kingkorn Narintarakul, coordinator for the Food for Change Campaign

Together, we navigate the intricate challenges posed by corporate monopolies, climate crises, and discuss the transformative potential of agroecology and territorial markets. Join us in understanding the multifaceted approach needed for achieving true food sovereignty. 

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