3 EDSAs, 7 Films, Interweaving Stories

This coming December, Focus on the Global South-Philippines is showcasing the works of multi-awarded as well as up-and-coming filmmakers to tell new stories and propose fresh perspectives about the three EDSA events that have shaped us as a nation through a film fest dubbed EDSAngagdaan: The EDSA Stories Film Festival.

Six short films, each produced under a film grant extended by Focus,in addition to Focus’ own documentary, willpaint a broad canvas of Philippine society and history in relation to the three EDSAs over the years. Stories of mothers and wives of the rebelling soldiers in EDSA; stories of farmers, politicians and street children; stories of ordinary lives in extraordinary circumstances— the film festival presents all these with the aim of furtheringsocial and historical education, of turning cinema into a vehicle for socio-political change.

EDSAngangdaan officially opens on December 7, at the UP Film Center. Alongside the six short films and Focus’ documentary, in-depth discussions oftheir content will also take place on the second screening day, December 8, beginning 9:30 a.m. , at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani auditorium in Quezon City.

EDSAngangdaan: The EDSA Stories Film Festival is part of Focus on the Global South-Philippines’ broader contribution to the 25th Anniversary of the People Power Revolution— the EDSA Stories Project. Throughout 2011, Focus, through EDSA Stories, has soughtto rekindle the interest of the new generation in the continuing significance of the EDSA events, for how history is told will have an indelible impact on how history is made.

Official Entries:

edsa1 EDSAngangdaan: Mga Pagtatagpo’t Pagpapasya

EDSA: Where from and where to? 25 years after EDSA, EDSAgangdaan: Mga Pagtatagpo’t Pagpapasya follow a farmer, a university student, a laundrywoman as they seek to connect the circumstances of their everyday lives with the broader historical phoenomenon of EDSA. The conclusions that they make, and the questions that they raise are not always flattering or reassuring.

kaba Kaba, Takot at Pangamba ng EDSA
Eva Aurora Callueng

A short documentary film narrating the stories and perspectives of the mothers and wives of soldiers in every EDSA, and exploring the influence of these women throughout the duration of these events

mani Mani
Hubert Tibi

Two teenage peanut peddlers struggle to make ends meet until they finally discover that straling metal railings along EDSA can be more lucrative than their current trades. A moral dilemma follows as they contemplate stealing the railings at EDSA Shrine

marka Marka ng EDSA
Ma. Angela Garrido

An ordinary woman loses her husband and is permaently scarred by a hot oil spill amidst the EDSA uprising. Nine years after, having given birth to a son, she tries to come to terms with her loses

pamatid Pamatid Gutom
Eloisa Sanchez and Richard Legaspi 

Pamatid Gutom is a stark rendition of electoral politics in post-EDSA Philippines. A mother, desperate to feed her child, takes part int he feeding programme of the Mayor of a city. Upon seeing the favourable response of the wife of the mayor to her child, she undertakes a disturbing gamble.

patron Patron ng Laging Saklolo
Seymour Sanchez

A short mockumentary of enduring patterns of patronage politics in the Philippines, Patron ng Laging Saklolo chronicles the activities of a barangay politician throughout typical election season. By examining the fiesta mentality of Filipinos, and their attitudes towards politics, several gripping comparisons will be drawn.

bagong Bagong Buhay
Andrea Regine Reyes & Co.

A mother and her daughter leave their old home and try to build a new life together. Over the years, however, the mother’s unending pursuit of perfection takes its toll on her daughter, putting their relationship on a collision course

Screening Schedule

Map of UP Diliman

Map of Bantayog ng mga Bayani

For more information about EDSAngangdaan: The EDSA Stories Film Festival please email Jerik Cruz at [email protected], or call at 433-1676. Alternatively, please check the EDSA Stories website for updates at http://edsastories.focusweb.org/.