This is another critical event since the bloody massacre took place in Rangoon almost 19 years ago known as the 8888 events on August 8, 1988. It is believed that several thousand people were killed for their plea for a democratic society. Impunity with which the armed forces operate remains a major concern for such grave human rights violations. No perpetrators were brought into justice so far.


Human Rights Organizations, Democratic Movement, Trade Unions, Students and Youth Organization,

Peace advocates and Buddhist Community in Thailand ( names below) are concerned and pledge our solidarity and moral support to the struggling neighbour namely Burmese students and youth, monks, and various ethnicities in Burma for their legitimate call for a genuine democracy and social justice. We are hoping that the socio-political crisis in Burma will be settled peacefully as soon as possible. Therefore, we are …

a.Condemning the military regime for the use of force to crush the monks and citizens leading to death and casualties of many protesters. It is a state crime, a responsibility from which the Burmese government led by the military junta cannot escape ;

b. Calling the Burmese government led by the military junta to cease all forms of violence, refrain from
using forces to disperse, crush or wipe out the peaceful demonstration which might bring about the loss of life and deterioting the situation. Universal Human Rights standards must be respected; peaceful resolution; immediately release of all political prisoners especially Aung San Suu Kyi, student leaders, pro-democracy elected members of parliament, and other peaceful demonstrators who were arrested recently and before the crack down;

c. Calling the Government of China, Thailand and ASEAN states to exercise their diplomatic influence in any appropriate means possible to stop further violence in Burma, prevent more bloodshed or probably massive killings. Any peaceful settlement to resolve their ongoing social, political and economic crisis is urgently needed and this should be enhanced to restore a peaceful and democratic society for the future of Burma.

May Peace and Democracy prevail in Burma as soon as possible


28 September 2007, 11 a.m , In Front of the Burmese Embassy in Bangkok

On Behalf of the 33 Organizations Coalition for Peace and Human Rights

Campaign Committee for Human Rights (CCHR), Thai

Action Committee for Democracy in Burma (TACDB)

Amnesty International Thailand, Asia Network for Free Election (ANFREL), Asia Human Rights Institute (AHRI)

Young People for Democracy Movement, Thailand (YPD), Student Federation of Thailand (SFT)

Thai Labour Solidarity Committee (TLSC), Friend of People Group, Activites for Change Club, Burma Peace Group

Campaign for Popular Media Reform (CPMR)

Campaign for Popular Democracy (CPD), 14 thula Foundation

Peace Progressive Woman Network, Thai Labour

Campaign, Cross Culture Foundation, Altsean-Burma

Thai Coalition for the Protection of Human Rights

Defenders (HRDTH), Union for Civil Liberty (UCL)

Human Rights and Development Foundation

Government Enterprise Labour Confederation

Buddha Network, Religion Followers for Peace Group,

Democracy 24 June Group, Sekhiyatham Group

Slum 4 Provincial Network, Sem Sikkhalai, Thai

Holistic Health Foundation,

May 2535 Relative Committee, MAIDS Chula, Thai

Research Project Peaceway Foundation (Burma Issues)