Mekong Region

A report for Focus on the Global South by Isabelle Delforge

From small farms to fast food chains and supermarkets

The fast food retailer Kentucky Fried Chicken requires chickens that weigh exactly two kilograms in order to fit the size of the portions. Some segments of the Japanese market want okra with 5 ridges on the fruit while others require 7 ridges. Baby corn exported to Europe and Japan must be between 4 to 7 cm long. On the global food market, varieties, shapes and colours are now increasingly standardised and food safety regulations are becoming extremely strict.

Building Community: The Search for Alternative Regionalism in Southeast Asia 1
Jenina Joy Chavez
Neo-liberalism and the Working People of Southeast Asia
Rene Ofreneo
China and Southeast Asia: Emerging Problems in an Economic Relation
Walden Bello
Welcome China!: China’s Rise and its Increasing Role in ASEAN
Dorothy Guerrero
Development and Plunder in the Mekong Region
Shalmali Guttal
Occasional Papers 1: Globalisation and Change in Southern Laos
By Jonathan Cornford

This book analyzes the development situation in southern Laos. It is therefore of obvious interest to anyone working there. But it deserves a much, much broader readership. The book begins with the observation that globalization is a slippery concept and then proceeds to nail it down with a series of telling insights from an analysis of one small, neglected corner of the globe.


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