International mobilizations that took place o­n 20th March against occupation of Iraq proved that the resistance of the peoples of the world against neoliberal globalization and militarism is evermore growing stronger. Korean peoples have also actively participated in global struggles against globalization and militarism.

From 13th to 15th June 2004, the World Economic Forum East Asia Summit (named the Asia Strategic Insight Roundtable) will be held in Seoul, Korea, under the slogan of “Prosperity and Peace in Asia”. The World Economic Forum is an exclusive forum of the ruling elites of the world, and the East Asia Summit will be an occasion for discussion o­n a range of topics that will give more freedom to transnational capital, while increasing poverty and deteriorating the rights of Asian workers and peoples. In particular, the corporations and political elite gathered in this session are expected to discuss measures to stimulate the multilateral trade negotiations that have been stalled after the collapse of the WTO Cancun ministerial last September and to promote bilateral and regional free trade agreements.

The WEF East Asia Summit will also be an occasion for imperialist forces to strategize for expansion of military control over the Asian region, under the excuse of the nuclear crisis of the Korean peninsula. Asia has an important geopolitical significance for the US and its imperialist allies, who are implementing military strategies in order to protect the profit of capital. Recently, along with the war and occupation of Iraq, the doctrine of “War against Terrorism” is increasing military tension in this region. The commencing date of the WEF East Asia Summit, 13th June, is also the second anniversary of the deaths of two school girls, Hyosoon and Miseon, who were crushed by US military vehicles. The day will o­nce again remind us of the violence and oppression of the US and imperialists.

Under these political contexts, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Korean Peasants League, Korean Coalition of Urban Poor, Korean People’s Action against FTA & WTO, Korean People’s Solidarity and other movements and organizations will mobilize mass protests against the WEF East Asia Summit. We hope that this struggle will be a momentum for strengthening of the resistance of not o­nly Koreans but also of all Asian peoples against neoliberalism and militarism.

Sisters and brothers in Asia, and all around the world, we call for your support and solidarity for the struggles of 12th-13th June against the WEF. We also propose an assembly of Asian social and people’s movements of all sectors during 14th-15th June.

Globalize the struggle! Globalize the hope!

14th April, 2004

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