Focus on the Global South, along with Third World Network and the Forum for Trade Justice organised a webinar ‘WTO 2022 Ministerial Conference Outcomes: Implications for India’s Agriculture and Food Security’ .

Video 1: MC12 and India’s Trade Policy in Agriculture


In this first video Shalini Bhutani,(Legal Researcher and Policy Analyst) discusses ‘MC12 and India’s Trade Policy in Agriculture’.

Video 2: WTO MC12: Developing Countries Continue to be the Losers


In this second video Biswajit Dhar (Former Professor, JNU) and Ranja Sengupta (Economist, TWN) discuss and evaluate how the developing countries fared in the outcomes of the WTO MC12.

Video 3: Wind Down WTO

In this third video S.P.Shukla ( Former Finance Secretary and Indian Ambassador to GATT), proposes to dismantle the WTO for the sake of India’s agriculture and build an alternative trade regulatory body which is more equitable.

These videos has been produced in collaboration with the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung-South Asia.