#End WTO and Resist the Free Trade Regime

The Hong Kong Ministerial Meeting in 2005 is considered by Asian movements a milestone in the campaign against the WTO.  But despite the massive and militant protests in Hong Kong and across the globe, the ministerial resulted in an official declaration that paved the way for the continuation of the Doha talks after the two successive collapses in Seattle (1999) and Cancun (2003. In December 2013, the WTO goes back to Asia when the 9th Ministerial Meeting  takes place in Bali, Indonesia. It is important to retrace the Doha negotiations from Hong Kong to Bali.


In November 2005, amidst preparations for heightening campaigns and actions across the globe in the lead up to the Hong Kong Ministerial Meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Focus on the Global South published a little campaign handbook called the Derailers' Guide to the WTO. 

By Pablo Solon
Focus on the Global South

Since its establishment, there has always been a debate about the WTO amongst civil society organizations.  Some saw it possible to reform the WTO and others saw no redeeming factor in it and wanted it dismantled. In a way, the slogan “WTO: Shrink or Sink” expressed the middle point in these two approaches. Now, after almost two decades of the WTO, the facts are clear.

The limits to trade

Focus on the Global South presents life without the WTO. This provocative and inspiring video answers questions about life in a post-WTO era and invites you to imagine a world without the WTO.The past three videos all talked about how and why the WTO is BAD for you and on development and the majority of the world's people and what could be done about it.


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