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The 2013 World Social Forum will be held this March 26-30 in Tunisia, where only two years ago, a revolution began and resulted into a historic change that created a ripple effect on the region. Now, Tunisia is an inspiration to movements both old and new, across the globe.

We have seen climate change related phenomena with intensity never seen before, like Hurricane Sandy, in many parts of the world in the past year. We no longer have the luxury of time as incidents of increasingly severe storms, floods, droughts, disruption of water cycles and other similar events are becoming the “new normal” for many countries. It is also becoming apparent that climate change is also forcing human migration creating climate refugees. An estimated 200 million people could be displaced by climate change in 2050.

Registration for the centralized edition of the 2011 World Social Forum is now open! The Forum is going to be held in Dakar, capital of Senegal on February 06-11 2011. The general guidelines from the WSF Organization is that organizations should read the 12 thematic axes prior to their registration, in order to chose the ones that are more appropriate to their activities. There are two modes of registration: individual and of organizations. This last one allows the registration of other types of participation like Assemblies of Convergence, Expanded Activities, stalls later one.

Boaventura de Sousa Santos*



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