By Peter RossetCanc๚n: The messages from Subcomandante Marcos and Comandantes Esther and David of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) this morning fell like verbal bombshells o­n the assembled crowd in Canc๚n, scene of the WTO Ministerial.

"The Global movement against the globalization of death has today, in Canc๚n, o­ne of its most brilliant expressions," said Marcos in a tape-recorded message read to the assembled thousands at the International Farmers and Indigenous Peoples’ Forum being co-sponsored by Via Campesina (, the Mexican umbrella peasant group UNORCA ( and the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) of Mexico. "We salute the very existence of the Via Campesina, your struggle and your resistance," he said in an accompanying letter. The Via Campesina is the global alliance of family farm, peasant, indigenous, farm worker and landless movements, which has affiliates in some 70 countries, both North and South, representing about 100 million people.