Although the bi-regional trade negotiation between the EU and ASEAN or the EU-ASEAN FTA has been putting on hold since last year, the bilateral track between the EU and selected ASEAN countries has shaped up with speed. An FTA negotiation with Singapore is already under way, and the one with Malaysia was recently launched in October. Vietnam is in a preparation process with Thailand as next in line under the EU’s negotiation plan.

The EU-ASEAN FTA Campaign network together with FTA Watch (Thailand) and Chulalongkorn Social Research Institute organized a regional seminar under the Topic “FTA with the EU: Opportunities or Risks for Thailand and ASEAN” on the 25th of November 2010 in Bangkok. The seminar aims were to explore and exchange information on key areas such as intellectual property rights, investment, and socially sensitive products (alcohol beverage, etc).

The power points on this site were presented at the seminar. The full report will also be available in a few weeks time.