A Peace March to the US Embassy, New Delhi was organised by several civil society groups, intellectuals, activists and student union members, demanding an immediate stop to the ongoing war-mongering againstSyria and the proposed US Military intervention in Syria. Several citizens’ groups, studentsorganisations, workers associations and other peace and democracy-loving sections of society came together for this initiative.

The peace marchers assembled at OdishaBhawan in Kautilya Marg at 2pm and marched towards the US embassy. There was heavy presence of Delhi Police and Paramilitary forces at Odisha Bhavan. The police had already barricaded the entrance to the US Embassy way ahead in front of the British High Commissionwhere the marchers were stopped. The group sat down on the road despite a hot sunny day. Several leaders and intellectuals spoke on critical issues of militarisation, the Capitalist agenda of the US state and the criticized the US for forcibly interfering in the Middle east and the developing countries. Several media persons also thronged the protest site, eagerly clicking pictures. Achin Vanaik and Kamla Bhasin also spoke during the occasion.

An appeal against war on Syria signed by more than 300 eminent citizens, academicians, artists and activists can be accessed here:http://www.indiaresists.com/indian-peoples-appeal-against-war-on-syria/

Original aricle with photo gallery can be found at: http://icrindia.wordpress.com/2013/09/07/peace-marchers-say-no-war-on-syria-u-s-stop-all-military-intervention-in-syria/