Piglas Batangas, Piglas Pilipinas!

As June comes to a close, the Philippine Environment Month, Galileo de Guzman Castillo reflects on the recent event in Batangas, Philippines, underscoring the struggles of Filipinos,...

Date posted: Thursday, 2016 Jun 30th
Brexit image

By Yasmin Ahammad 

The sense of loss is great.

The loss of a country I thought I knew, the loss of a continental union, the potential loss of the United Kingdom as it currently...

Date posted: Tuesday, 2016 Jun 28th

The ‘Higala sa Lumad’ Network is humbly requesting you to support the displaced Lumad of Misamis Oriental of Mindanao, Philippines, in their fight to return back to their communities...

Date posted: Sunday, 2016 Jun 26th

An outburst of applause erupted in the local courtroom from among the accused farmers of Barangay (village) Sumalo and their supporters when the non-guilty verdict was read by the clerk of court....

Date posted: Saturday, 2016 Jun 18th
Mausam cover

The contents of this issue are:

Editorial (p.2)

Climate Change: A View from Below - Dunu Roy (p.4)

Acidification: The Other Big Crisis of Carbon Emissions - Soumya Dutta (p.7...

Date posted: Thursday, 2016 Jun 09th
Humanity and Nature Cover Image

An economy is often defined as "the wealth and resources of a country or region". Few would contest that the greatest wealth and most fundamental resource for humanity is the earth on which we...

Date posted: Monday, 2016 Jun 06th

Since the early 1990s, Cambodia has been heavily reliant on foreign aid. The Cambodian Government is seeking to reduce donor-dependence and increase self-reliance, aiming to lift the country to...

Date posted: Friday, 2016 May 27th

By Cecilia Olivet, Jaybee Garganera, Farah Sevilla and Joseph Purugganan

Date posted: Monday, 2016 May 23rd

Amsterdam/Manila, May 24 2016 – As the first round of negotiations of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the Philippines and the EU commences in Brussels, a new report warns that it endangers...

Date posted: Monday, 2016 May 23rd

In the last decade, the resource-rich Philippines has bet heavily on the mining industry as a development strategy, an approach that has come under growing scrutiny. With 47 large-scale mines in...

Date posted: Monday, 2016 May 23rd