Paul Baer and Tom Athanasiou of EcoEquity and Sivan Kartha of the Stockholm Environment Institute


What is The Greenhouse Development Rights framework?

This paper argues that an emergency climate program is needed, that such a program is only possible if the international climate policy impasse is broken, and that this impasse arises from the inherent – but surmountable – conflict between the climate crisis and the development crisis. It argues that the best way to break this impasse is, perhaps counter intuitively, by expanding the climate protection agenda to include the protection of developmental equity. To that end, the Greenhouse Development Rights framework is designed to hold global warming below 2ºC while, with equal deliberateness, safeguarding the right of all people everywhere to reach a dignified level of sustainable human development.

You can download a perfectly clear, reasonably small (706 Mb) version at www.ecoequity.org/docs/TheGDRsFramework.pdf Or, if you prefer, you’ll find a high-res version (3.8 Mb) at www.ecoequity.org/docs/TheGDRsFramework_highres.pdf