A message from the Editors: 

This latest issue of Mausam includes fresh reports from how communities on the ground are battling the harsh realities of a climate-changed world—the aftermath of the 2013 Uttarakhand disaster, the testimonies of climate oustees from the Sunderbans—as well as more analytical pieces on India’s environmental and climate policies, the latest analysis of international climate negotiations, and an assortment of science and hard news.

This issue has been delayed but we begin this year with the hope that we can continue to publish subsequent editions promptly, sharing updated information, analysis and perspectives on varied aspects of climate justice.

We invite contributions from readers on the issues related to climate change and people from across the country. We seek to facilitate constructive and creative debate and connect to and reflect on the local struggles around control over natural resources, against extraction of dirty fossil fuels, demanding rights of coastal communities, against alienation from land and for right to livelihood and food sovereignty.

We need to continue to search and support for alternatives that seek to make this planet safe for our future generations.