The United States’ hands-on and far from impartial involvement in the
drafting of Iraq’s constitution has ensured that the document is friendly
to big, international business. When Iraqis vote on the draft in October,
essentially they will be deciding whether to control their oil riches or
hand them over to foreign oil companies.

By Herbert Docena
Asia Times Online, September 1, 2005

Article 25: “The state shall guarantee the reforming of the Iraqi economy
according to modern economic bases, in a way that ensures complete
investment of its resources, diversifying its sources and encouraging and
developing the private sector.”

Article 26:
“The country shall guarantee the encouragement of investments in the
different sectors.”

Article 110:
“The federal government and the governments of the producing regions and
provinces together will draw up the necessary strategic policies to develop
oil and gas wealth to bring the greatest benefit for the Iraqi people,
relying on the most modern techniques of market principles and encouraging