Join our board member Jenina Joy Chavez, who was also a former colleague at Focus on the Global South specializing in international financial institutions, alternative regionalisms, and the transitional economies of Southeast Asia, as she explores the complex effects of International Financial Institutions (IFIs) on global economic patterns.


“Revisiting the Past: The Impact of IFI Policies on Global Inequality and Financial Stability”


In this video, Chavez critically examines the outcomes of neoliberal policies promoted by institutions like the IMF and World Bank. She navigates through the nuances of how such policies have not only failed to spur growth but have also exacerbated inequality and financial instability. Chavez reflects on the structural adjustment policies’ global impact, underscoring the pressing necessity for reform in the global financial architecture to mitigate disparities and foster a more equitable economic landscape.


“Charting the Future: The Need for Transparency and Participation in Global Economic Policy”


Expanding on the theme, Chavez highlights the critical importance of transparency and participation in policymaking processes. She discusses how global financial practices have placed undue burdens on countries with limited resources, leading to a cycle of debt that exacerbates inequality and hampers development. Chavez calls for an inclusive approach to economic policy, urging for the integration of diverse perspectives to foster more sustainable and just global financial systems. Explore the ways in which informed participation and openness can combat authoritarian tendencies and promote a more equitable world.

These interviews offer invaluable insights into the challenges and potential pathways toward more inclusive and equitable global economic systems. Chavez’s analysis not only critiques past and present practices but also proposes foundational steps for building a future where economic policies are designed with the participation and best interests of the people.