9 April 2004

AS the occupation of Iraq enters its second year, the demands of the Iraqis grow clearer every day: an immediate end to the Occupation and free elections – free for all Iraqis to participate and free of US interference. In the present situation, Iraqis are hostage to the Occupying Forces. They are unable to meet and organize freely and they are denied the right to shape their own future. Furthermore, the political transition process proposed by the US administration is designed to install a tame regime, friendly to US interests and their continued presence inside Iraq.

We – the undersigned activists for peace, religious leaders, intellectuals and academics, writers and journalists, parliamentarians, trade unionists and citizens — insist o­n the right of the Iraqis to be free of occupation and free to decide the course of their own history.

We support the call for free elections: free for all Iraqis to participate and free from interference of the Occupying Forces.

We support the call of the Jakarta Peace Consensus – which was affirmed at the European Social Forum in Paris in 2003 and at the Anti-War Assembly at the World Social Forum in Mumbai in 2004 — for an urgent and independent Assembly of Iraqis, where all sectors of Iraqi society can freely debate and propose the future shape of their State, completely free of interference from the Occupying Forces. This can be the start of a process of building the New Iraq, and a vital first step towards free elections, democracy and sovereignty.
This Assembly must be held in Iraq. However, if this possibility is denied by the Occupying Forces, a Preparatory Conference must be convened outside Iraq.
We guarantee all our efforts to protect the integrity and openness of such a meeting through our support and presence.

We demand an end to the Occupation and we support the Iraqi peoples right to sovereignty and self-determination.
Aminata Dramane Traoré, former government minister and social activist, Mali
Chalmers Johnson, writer, USA
Chandra Muzzafar, writer and activist, Malaysia
Christophe Aguiton, activist, France
Dennis Brutus, academic and activist, South Africa/USA
Dennis J. Kucinich (Representative), presidential candidate (Democrat), USA
Florence Carboni, linguist, Italy
Francis Houtart, intellectual and activist, Belgium
Gustavo Codas, trade unionist, Brazil
Hans von Sponek, former UN humanitarian coordinator in Iraq, Germany
Horacio Martins, Brasil
Immanuel Wallerstein, writer and activist, USA/France
James Petras, writer and activist, USA
Jeremy Corbyn, Member of Parliament, UK
Jorge Eduardo Saavedra Durão, activist, Brasil
José Maria Vigil, liberation theologist and writer, Panama
Kamal Chenoy, academic and peace activist, India
Mario Maestri, historian, Brasil
Marta Harnecker, writer, Chile
Miguel Álvarez Gandara, peace activist, Mexico
Miguel Urbano Rodrigues, writer, Portugal
Mike Marqusee, writer and activist, UK/USA
Naomi Klein, journalist and activist, Canada
Nawal El Saadawi, writer and activist, Egypt
Noam Chomsky, linguist and writer, USA
P.K.Murthy, All India Federation of Trade Unions, India
Pedro Casaldáliga (Bishop), religious leader, Brasil
Roni Gechtman, academic, Canada
Samir Amin, intellectual and activist, Egypt/Senegal
Samuel Ruiz, former Bishop of San Cristobal de los Casas, Chiapas, Mexico
Saul Landau, academic and activist, USA
Sérgio Haddad, international secretary, ABONG, Brasil
Shivani, India
Susan George, writer and activist, France
Walden Bello, academic and activist, Philippines
Alfio Nicotra, peace secretary, Rifondazione Comunista
Luciano Muhlbauer, trade unionist, SinCobas, Italy
Fabio Alberti, peace activist, Bridge to Baghdad, Italy
Sen. Luigi Malabarba (Rifondazione Comunista)
Sen. Nicodemo Filippelli (Udeur)
Sen. Daria Bonfietti (Democratici di Sinistra)
Sen. Stefano Boco (Verdi)
Sen. Angelo Flammia (Democratici di Sinistra)
Sen. Aleandro Longhi (Democratici di Sinistra)
Sen. Loredana De Petris (Verdi)
Sen. Antonio Rotondo (Democratici di Sinistra)
Sen. Angelo Flammia (Democratici di Sinistra)
Sen. Paolo Brutti (Democratici di Sinistra)
Sen. Antonio Falomi (Misto)
Sen. Natale Ripamonti (Verdi)
Sen. Elidio De Paoli (Lega Autonomia Lombarda)
Sen. Luigi Marino (Comunisti Italiani)
Sen. Tommaso Sodano (Rifondazione Comunista)
Sen. Alberto Maritati (Democratici di Sinistra)
Sen. Walter Vitali (Democratici di Sinistra)
Sen. Livio Togni (Rifondazione Comunista)
On. Fausto Bertinotti (Secretary General Rifondazione Comunista)
On. Franco Giordano (Rifondazione Comunista)
On. Ramon Mantovani (Rifondazione Comunista)
On. Giovanni Bellini (Democratici di Sinistra)
On. Paolo Cento (Verdi)
On. Elettra Deiana (Rifondazione Comunista)
On. Titti De Simone (Rifondazione Comunista)
On. Pietro Gasperoni (Democratici di Sinistra)
On. Luigi Giacco (Democratici di Sinistra)
On. Alfonso Gianni (Rifondazione Comunista)
On. Giovanna Grignaffini (Democratici di Sinistra)
On. Graziella Mascia (Rifondazione Comunista)
On. Giorgio Panattoni (Democratici di Sinistra)
On. Giuliano Pisapia (Rifondazione Comunista)
On. Gabriella Pistone (Comunisti Italiani)
On. Ruggero Ruggeri (La Margherita)
On. Giovanni Russo Spena (Rifondazione Comunista)
On. Tiziana Valpiana (Rifondazione Comunista)
On. Nichi Vendola (Rifondazione Comunista)

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