Our friends at India Climate Justice have just released their fourth issue of Mausam. The contents of this issue are as follows:

Editorial (p.2)

Experiencing the Change: Climate Change and Everyday Life in Coffee Plantations of South India – Anshu Ogra (p.6)

Human Trafficking and Climate Disasters – Sayantoni Datta (p.8)

Betting on the Wrong Horse: Fast Reactors and Climate Change – MV Ramana (p.12)

Institutionalizing forest diversion and legitimizing institutional fraud: The new Compensatory Afforestation Bill a recipe for disaster – Soumitra Ghosh (p.18)

Has Global Warming Stopped? The case of the mysterious ‘hiatus’ – Soumya Dutta (p.26)

Agro-ecology and the Fight Against Climate Change – Parul Thapa (p.33)

Climate Space statement from Tunis WSF 2015 (p.37)


To read the issue, download the pdf file below.