Join our board member Peter Rosset from El Colegio de la Frontera Sur and La Via Campesina as he provides a critical look at the adverse impacts of monocultures on climate and health, challenging mainstream climate solutions and emphasizing the crucial role of food sovereignty in addressing global environmental and health challenges.


Monocultures: Unseen Consequences for Climate and Health


In this video, Rosset uncovers the complex consequences of monocultures on climate and health. In this video, Rosset highlights the critical link between large-scale monocultures, particularly for livestock feed, and their far-reaching impacts on the environment and public health. He speaks on the unseen dynamics of monocultures and their role in exacerbating climate change and driving the emergence of new diseases. With compelling evidence and engaging narrative, Rosset urges the need for a reevaluation of our agricultural practices and calls for collective action towards sustainable solutions.


Green Illusions: Debunking Climate Solutions Myths

In this video, Rosset deciphers the true impact of green capitalism, revealing how it masks profit-driven motives under the facade of fighting climate change. Rosset uncovers the reality behind initiatives labeled as sustainable and their effects on rural, peasant, and indigenous populations. He calls for a critical reassessment of these solutions, advocating for genuine actions that prioritize the planet and its people over profit.


Food Sovereignty: The Key to Solving Our Climate Crisis

In this video, Rosset discusses the vital role of food sovereignty in addressing global environmental and health challenges. Rosset shares how localized food systems and agroecological practices can significantly reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainable living. He emphasizes the importance of listening to and empowering rural, peasant, and indigenous movements, whose knowledge and practices offer genuine solutions beyond corporate-driven agriculture.