We are releasing a new graphic series titled “Everyday Resistance in Myanmar: The Stories”, created by art4cdm with the support of Focus on the Global South.

“Everyday Resistance in Myanmar: The Stories” is built on an objective to facilitate grassroots co-documentation of personal stories under the situation of civil wars, coup d’état, and militarism in Myanmar and retell them into comic series. We believe that the power of arts and creative storytelling can amplify issues of concerns from voices and accounts of affected communities, frontliners, rights defenders, and ordinary citizens resisting oppression, and eventually become an entry point for collective demand for peace. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar

To read the full story, please visit: www.focusweb.org/art4cdm

The first story follows “Jessica”, who helped organize protests in Yangon after the military staged the coup in 2021. She sent medical supplies and basic necessities to the People’s Defense Forces at the frontline. She nearly escaped from being arrested by the junta’s forces while she was hiding in Yangon, and she fled to a neighboring country for her safety. Now, she continues to provide medical supplies and basic necessities to the frontline from the new location, while also starting a YouTube channel to keep the general public informed and updated about the developments in Myanmar.