In celebration of the 26th Anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution, Knowledge Channel presents the following programs to commemorate one of the most famous, well-known historical event in the Philippines.

EDSAngangdaan: The EDSA Stories Film Festival

EDSAngangdaan: The EDSA Stories Film Festival is part of Focus on the Global South-Philippines’ broader contribution to the 25th Anniversary of the People Power Revolution, under its EDSA Stories Project. 

These short films, each produced under a film grant as well as Focus’s own documentary, EDSAngangdaan: Mga Pagtatagpo’t Pagpapasiya, will paint a broad canvas of Philippine society and history in relation to the three EDSAs over the years. Stories of mothers and wives of the rebelling soldiers in EDSA; stories of farmers, politicians and street children; stories of ordinary lives in extraordinary circumstances. The Film festival presents all these vital stories with the aim of furthering social and historical education, of turning cinema into a vehicle for socio-political change.

Airing (Philippine Time):
February 19 (9:20pm)
February 20 & 21 (10:00pm)
February 25 (8:40pm)

EDSAngangdaan: Mga Pagtatagpo’t Pagpapasiya

February 19 (9:40pm)
February 22 (10:40pm)
February 25 (9:40pm)

The EDSA Stories

Focus on the Global South also conducted over 34 interviews with some of the key personalities who directly participated in or were associated with EDSA 1986. Watch some of these interviews on the following dates:

February 20 & 21 (10:20pm)
February 22, 23 & 24 (10:00pm)


*For the rest of the interviews, you may check their website at;