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Editorial (p.2)

Climate Change: A View from Below - Dunu Roy (p.4)

Acidification: The Other Big Crisis of Carbon Emissions - Soumya Dutta (p.7)

The Paris Agreement: A French-brokered UN Climate Deal Sans Justice - Souparna Lahiri (p.11)

US-WTO Shadow on India's Solar Power Plans - D. Raghunandan (p.17)

Anti-coal Movements and the Bangladeshi Sundarbans - Soumya Dutta and Neha Mathew (p.21)

Climate Justice Movements and the Capitalist Politics of Climate and Energy - An Interview with Larry Lohman (p.29)

Summer Environmental Youth Camp 2016: Making the Youth’s Voice Matter

Galileo de Guzman Castillo

WHY ENGAGE THE YOUTH? “The youth are agents for change. The youth are the hope of the present and next generations to come.”

Some six thousand farmers*, including Lumads, from North Cotabato and their families marched to the Cotabato provincial high-way last week and staged a rally to ask the government for sacks of rice and emergency funds that should already have been released after the province was declared to be in a state of calamity as a result of slow and prolonged drought.

by Parth M.N

This article is from; Photos courtesy: Srijan Lokhit Samiti


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