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Additional days of action proposed to, and supported
by, the social movements assembly



June 2007:
Support the mobilisations for the respect of sexual diversity to make real the slogan "In a diverse world, equality is first" which will take place in June 2007 and 2008.



14-21 October 2007:
A Global Week of Action against debt

15 October - 20th:
Anniversary of the death of Thomas Sankara;

16 October:
World Food Day

17 October:
International Day to Eradicate Poverty;

20 October:
World Youth Day;

19-21 October:
IMF-WB Annual meetings


By Renato Redentor Constantino

We had our chance last week. The Philippine government could have taken a break from its pom-pom waving and caused the passage of the climate treaty known as the Kyoto Protocol.


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