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For majority of peasants and indigenous people in India and around the world, climate change is a dreadful reality that has drastically altered their and rendered them vulnerable to hunger, poverty and deprivation. Even at the best of times, millions of them live on the edge, surviving on paltry income. Climate change has forced many to go hungry, abandon or sell their meagre land holdings, force them to migrate to urban slums searching for work.

by Mary Ann Manahan

A day after President Duterte was sworn into office in June 2016, Gloria Capitan was shot pointblank by two unidentified assassins riding a motorcycle at her karaoke bar in Mariveles, Bataan. Capitan was a staunch environmentalist and human rights defender who had led the fight against the open coal stockpile operating in her village and other coal-fired power plants in the province of Bataan.[1]  Duterte had no direct role in the murder of Capitan but her death seemed to be ominous of what’s coming for the country’s environment and its defenders.

Pablo Solón is being persecuted by the Bolivian Government, and is facing fabricated legal charges because he dared to challenge two mega-hydropower projects in the Amazonian region, El Bala and El Chepete. Both Solón and Rafael Archondo, a well-known journalist, are facing up to four years imprisonment.

Take action! Contact the Bolivian Government

Activists from around the globe are sending their messages of support and solidarity to Pablo Solon, who is being persecuted by the Bolivian government for his criticism of the mega-projects, El Bala and Chepete, in the Amazonian region. Solon and Rafael Archondo, a well-known journalist, are facing sham charges with up to 4 years imprisonment.


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