By Pearl Forss, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 17 September 2006 1537 hrs

SINGAPORE : Two of the civil society representatives who were denied
entry into Singapore to attend the IMF World Bank meetings arrived

They were part of the 27 representatives who were told by the Singapore
police that they may have difficulty entering the country.

Since then, 22 of them have been allowed to enter the country.

But some of them say they plan to take legal action against the Singapore government if it does not issue an apology.

Less than 40 people attended a conference organised by five civil
groups, where they discussed issues including poverty and debts.

They also discussed the issue of the Singapore police denying entry to 27 civil group representatives.

But earlier this week, the Singapore government allowed 22 of them to
enter after receiving new information on them by the IMF and World

Joy Chavez, from a Thai-based NGO called "Focus on the Global South",
said: "According to the Singaporean authorities, they objected to us
being accredited for security and law, and order considerations. This
is very vague but nonetheless very dangerous labels."