#NOtoNBS  NO to nature-based dispossessions!

We call on movements and organizations committed to climate, environmental and social justice to sign this statement unequivocally rejecting “Nature-Based Solutions” and all offset schemes. 

Such schemes are not designed to address the climate crisis. Their primary function is to buy another decade or two of unrestrained corporate profiteering from fossil carbon extraction and industrial agriculture while increasing outside control over community territories. Time has run out for such distractions. Only a rapid, time-bound plan to leaving the remaining coal, oil and gas reserves in the ground and industrial agriculture overhauled will avert catastrophic climate chaos.

Reject Nature-Based Solutions as a new form of corporate land grabbing and greenwashing!

Say NO to nature-based dispossessions!

Link to statements:

Statement in English: https://is.gd/IcUtwp

Declaración en español: https://is.gd/R63GBf

Déclaration en français : https://is.gd/P6Alwg

Declaração em português: https://is.gd/VjrNPI

Pernyataan dalam bahasa Indonesia: https://is.gd/Lp4tlc

Sign the Statement Here

The statement is initiated by: Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA), Alianza Biodiversidad, Asian Pacific Movement on Debt and Development, ETC group, Focus on the Global South, Global Grassroots Justice Alliance (GGJ), GRAIN, Friends of the Earth International (FoEI), Indigenous Climate Action (ICA), Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN), World March of Women (WMW), World Rainforest Movement (WRM).