Author: Herbert Docena

Cory after death

by Herbert Docena* Funerals are not so much for the dead as for us who have to go on living. The dead have passed on; they can no longer hear us weeping. It is we—we who must scatter the flowers over their graves—who have to be...

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Politics failed our constitution

by Jenina Joy Chavez, Julie delos Reyes, Herbert Docena, Aya Fabros, Mary Lou Malig, Mary Ann Manahan, Cathy Ordona, Qiqo Punzalan Simbol, Joseph Purugganan, Lourdes Torres and Walden Bello/ Focus on the Global South Philippines...

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The jumpy ladies of Lebanon

By Herbert Docena* Treated like modern-day slaves, Filipina domestic workers in Lebanon have jumped off buildings to escape from Israeli bombs and abusive Lebanese employers. BEIRUT, August 2006: Miramar Flores stood on the...

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