Farmers stage “Kalbaryo” drama, urge gov't to ‘rescue’ small-scale agriculture in UN International Year of Family Farming

Farmers carry crosses to symbolize the difficulties they face under President Aquino's Matuwid na Daan.

Philippines, 5 March 2014 -- On Ash Wednesday, more than 100 farmers from the Save Agrarian Reform Alliance (SARA) dramatized their grievances over the neglect of small farmers under the administration of President Benigno Aquino III, with a “Kalbaryo ng mga Magsasaka” protest.

Thai Politics at a Glance

Thailand is once more in a serious political crisis, with the legitimacy of the government being challenged.  There are two sources of government legitimacy, the means and the end. Means refers to how the government gets the power to govern the nation and its citizens while the end is the government’s performance. The 'whistle group' (the large numbers of protestors occupying key areas of Bangkok under the leadership of Mr.

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