At the time of the International Reconstruction Fund Facility for Iraq, the Third Donor Committee meeting & Expanded Meeting (Tokyo Meeting)

By World Peace Now Executive Committee
13 October 2004

The Third Donor Committee Meeting and Expanded Meeting is held in Tokyo, Japan on 13th and 14th of October, calling for the participation of Germany, France and Russia, which are the very possible donor countries for Iraq as well as the UN, the World Bank and Dr. Al-Hafedh, Minister of Planning and Development Cooperation from the Iraqi Interim government.We denounce the war on Iraq waged by the US-led coalition and the continued illegal military occupation of Iraq under the puppet government of the US, which has led to the devastation of lives of Iraqi people.

Now, in the end, the US government itself announced and recognized that there was no weapon of mass destruction in Iraq. Mr. Kofi Anan, UN Secretary General, mentioned the illegitimacy of the war on Iraq at the UN General Conference on the 21st of September, 2004. Now, nobody can deny the illegality of the war. Thus, it is very clear that the final ‘reconstruction’ plan will constitute accepting or bracing the killings of Iraqi people by the US-led war and it will never support people in Iraq. The US coalition has no reluctance to use the reconstruction plan as an excuse for the killings of people under the name of its country’s security.

We do believe that the real reconstruction process of Iraq will start only after all the military forces of the US coalition withdraw from Iraq. People have the right to resist to the foreign forces or invaders, and such right should be totally guaranteed and protected by the international laws. People will continue to resist as long as the occupation continues, since the presence of the foreign occupiers and their military actions has been worsening the entire situation and making it much more difficult for people in need to receive emergency support from NGOs in Iraq.

The purpose of this Tokyo meeting is to allocate 300 million US dollars for the Iraq-reconstruction fund in order to justify the war, with neighboring Middle East countries involved in the strategy of the coalition forces, whose aim is nothing but obtaining their economical interest in the region. The international civil society should work together to make the foreign forces withdraw from Iraq immediately through restoring the rule of laws by the UN or any proper and reasonable ways accepted by the international civil society, and help Iraqi people to choose their own real representatives and to rebuild their sovereign democratic country by themselves. Only through these joint-efforts, the international civil society will be able to contribute to reconstruction of the civil society and people’s economy in Iraq.

Japan as chair of the donor’s meeting, shows not only its willingness to get involved in the invasion of Iraq, but also its positive attitude toward participating in the US plot to control Iraqi people with soft instruments, such as financial and human resources.

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