The conflict over land in Lor Peang village, Kampong Chhnang province in Cambodia has entered its third day. Some prominent members of the community have been bought off by KDC–the company trying to seize the lands–with money and jobs. Other affected community members are holding firm and refuse to give up their lands.

The situation is a stand-off between KDC, and armed military and police on one side, and desperate village residents on the other side. KDC is owned by a politically powerful and well connected family and perhaps for this reason, District and Provincial Government Authorities are unwilling to step in to protect the lives and rights of the Lor Peang residents.

In order to prevent further escalation of the conflict, the military and police must immediately withdraw; the residents of Lor Peang must have legal representation of their choice, and; the conflict must be resolved peacefully, ensuring justice to Lor Peang residents who have no other homes and means of livelihood if KDC takes their lands.

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