Is the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism fulfilling the objectives it was originally poised to achieve? Not so in the Philippines, argues Herbert Docena, author of the special report “Costly, Dirty, Moneymaking Schemes: The Clean Development Mechanism in the Philippines”.

Research by Docena at international think-tank Focus on the Global South has unearted various contradictions as to how the scheme has been executed in the Philippines. Not only are many of the purported reductions lavished by CDM-registered projects in the archipelago questionable— such projects, the report shows, may in fact be eroding many of the real and more sustainable solutions to climate change, while rewarding the polluters responsible for climate change, and leaving government ineptitude unchecked.

Clips from the video are drawn from footage of the June 25 launch of Docena’s CDM Report in Quezon City, Philippines. To procure a copy of the Report, please contact Lou Torres ([email protected]), of the Focus-Philippines Programme.