This morning our Philippines Head of Office, Joseph Purugganan, appeared on the Market Edge program on ABS-CBN news to discuss the impact of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) on the Philippines.

Joseph asserts that the APEC economic agenda would lead to 1) greater inequality and wealth concentration, 2) further destruction of the environment and worsening of the climate crisis and 3) the erosion of peoples’ rights.

He further argues that we cannot continue with the APEC way, and that the Philippines needs agricultural development, asset reform, creation of decent jobs for workers and greater care for the environment.

You can watch the full interview here (7:24 total run time).

Joseph’s full briefing notes and informational slides to accompany the interview are available to download below.

Focus on the Global South is one of the organisers behind the Peoples’ Forum of APEC 2015, which will hold the Counter-APEC Summit in Manila on 17 November.